Promoting Wellness at Work with Water Delivery

Promoting Wellness at Work with Water Delivery

Are you a business owner interested in creating a healthier, more effective working environment focusing on employee welfare? Start by considering what you provide your employees throughout the workday, whether free snacks or a catered lunch. An often overlooked item is providing readily accessible hydration options for employees, which has been proven to impact the business’ growth significantly. See how scheduling water deliveries to your office can improve your business!

How Much Water Do My Employees Need?

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that the adequate daily fluid intake is 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids daily for men and around 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids daily for women. However, we have found that 80% of workers do not consume the required amount of water while at work, which impairs their performance and cognitive abilities. This study has motivated businesses to incorporate scheduled water delivery services as a strategy to energize their workers and improve their overall well-being.

How Does Drinking Water Boost Productivity?

There is a connection between proper hydration and heightened mental efficiency – this is a known fact even our grandmothers knew. Remember when, at the table, we were encouraged to drink water with our meals before homework? It’s the same today as working adults. 

Properly hydrated workers are more focused and process information faster than their peers, which increases productivity. Additionally, research has shown that employees with minor dehydration (fluid loss between 1-2%) can experience reduced cognitive functioning. Employers can create a working environment conducive to solving challenges, meeting deadlines, and making informed decisions by prioritizing their employees’ hydration.

Often, dehydration presents itself as fatigue and low energy, affecting productivity and motivation. However, you can change and prevent dehydration by promoting frequent water consumption via water delivery services. Nowadays, water stations are strategically positioned around offices to remind workers to hydrate continually.

Benefits of Office Water Delivery Services

Embracing office water delivery solutions has several advantages beyond ease and significantly impacts a workforce’s productivity. It is easy to neglect adequate hydration levels under the everyday procedures of the modern-day office. However, integrating water delivery services into your office makes things easier for everyone.

Having a consistent supply of clean water lowers the need for employees to disturb their workflow to drink water while balancing tight schedules and adhering to deadlines. This convenience encourages workers to take regular sips, ensuring they are constantly hydrated throughout the day.  Incorporating water delivery services shows employers are genuinely committed to their workers’ welfare. It demonstrates a firm’s dedication to fostering a healthy work environment. Prioritizing hydration at work clearly shows employers are invested in their workers’ overall health.

Need Water Delivery For Your Office?

Easy access to clean water allows employees to stay hydrated and stimulated all day. Besides, it increases their concentration mental clarity, and lowers stress. We understand the importance of a positive work atmosphere, so when it comes to delicious refreshments, Royalty Beverage delivers. If you need commercial water delivery in Southeastern Massachusetts, Royalty Beverage is your dedicated supplier of bottled spring water, seltzer water, and more! Our team is prepared to revive your employees and make your company more active and prosperous with our water delivery services and seamless customer experience. To begin scheduling water deliveries to your office, contact us by calling (774)539-2202 or submitting an online inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you soon!