Is Spring Water Considered Hard Or Soft?

Is Spring Water Considered Hard Or Soft?

Many people believe that all water is the same, only using qualities like clarity & taste to determine if their water is good to drink, but there is more to it than that. There are several qualities to look out for when deciding whether your water is good. One such quality is called water hardness. Water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium or magnesium ions present in a given water source. The water’s makeup and concentration of ions are highly dependent on its origin and the treatment used for it.

Water Sources

Like flowing spring water, water sources contain naturally occurring ions and electrolytes that affect its degree of hardness. The degree of hardness of water can be altered, and filters are used for various purposes to make them safe for drinking. Choosing your water source might dictate how much time and resources you need for water softening. So, is spring water considered hard or soft?

Hard Water

What is hard water, and how do we detect it? The source of your water and the kind of treatment it undergoes significantly affect its pH levels, taste, and cloudiness. Some evident qualities of hard water include its poor ability to form a lather, white precipitation on sinks and shower surfaces, and film formation on some utensils.

Hard water tends to have a high concentration of calcium and magnesium, such that it causes difficulty for soap to lather. The most common magnesium mineral in hard water is dolomite; the major calcium mineral is gypsum. Hard water tends to come from natural groundwater sources due to its tendency to pick up minerals from rocks and sediments. Despite the ions in the water, hard water is considered safe for drinking and beneficial.

Soft Water

Soft water, unlike hard water, is filled with sodium ions instead of magnesium or calcium ions in hard water. It doesn’t precipitate, and it quickly forms a lather with soap. Because of these qualities, homeowners like to soften their water to protect their household surfaces and pipes. Various industries like to use soft water since it is less harmful to pipes. However, these acts of softening the water cause homeowners to lose out on beneficial ions that could benefit the body.

Is Spring Water Hard Or Soft?

To answer this question, we need to look at the major source of spring water. Since spring water originates from underground water sources, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and calcium into calcium ions from rocks and sediments. As it flows downstream, the water slowly erodes and dissolves rocks containing these minerals, further adding to its concentration. Due to these, spring water is considered hard. But water being hard is not a bad thing. It is considered safe for drinking by various professionals and is even preferred over soft water consumption. Why is that? Because spring water contains essential minerals such as calcium that build stronger bones and teeth.

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