How to Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

How to Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

How to Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

As summer approaches and temperatures swelter, staying cool and hydrated is imperative for your health. Hence, there is a great need to battle the heat and keep your hydration levels at their best. This article will offer helpful tips to help you stay cool, comfortable, and healthy under hot weather conditions, ranging from easy lifestyle changes to efficient hydration practices. 

Here, we will give you the information and resources to deal with the heat and stay hydrated throughout the day, whether engaging in outdoor activities or simply going about your daily routine.

Top 6 Tips to Help You Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated

Here are six tips you can use to beat the heat and stay hydrated. Additionally, go one step further and invest in water delivery services to stock your home with fresh spring water

#1. Avoid alcohol and energy drinks

Energy drinks contain more sugar and caffeine per serving than typical portions of coffee, tea, or soft drinks; abusing them might adversely affect your heart. Since alcohol serves as a diuretic, forcing the water out of the body and resulting in dehydration, it is vital to steer clear of it during the blazing summer. Alcohol and caffeine consumption within 24 hours of working outside in the heat can raise the chance of getting sick.

#2. Steer clear of working out in the late afternoon or during the hottest part of the day

Avoid or minimize exercise or strenuous activities between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., when it’s usually the hottest of the day. Also, drink plenty of water, move slowly, and pay attention to your body. Take rest periods in the air conditioning or the shade.

#3. Drink enough water immediately

Whether working in the heat directly or indirectly, you should have 1 cup (8 ounces) of water every 15-20 minutes. Hydrating thoroughly in the morning is essential because doing so makes it much simpler to keep hydrated throughout your busy day. 

#4. Eat hydrating foods and fruits

Oranges, grapes, melons, and lemons are examples of citrus fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C and contain 91% water, preventing dehydration. Hence, you should eat more fruits and vegetables daily, particularly during the summer, as they hydrate your body and aid in maintaining energy. 

#5. Wear Breathable Fabric

Tight clothing irritates you and prevents sweat from evaporating in summer; dark clothing retains heat better. Wearing breathable, loose-fitting, and comfortable textiles like cotton is therefore advised. 

#6. Use alarms or notifications to your advantage

On your smart devices, set alarms or notifications to serve as reminders throughout the day. Set your Alexa or Google gadget to remind you to drink enough water and give you verbal, uplifting encouragement as a mental boost.

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