How Many 5 Gallon Water Jugs Do I Need Per Month for Office?

How Many 5 Gallon Water Jugs Do I Need Per Month for Office?

Working a 9-5 can be a drag, depending on the kind of person you are, but everyone agrees that whether you’re running a business or working a 9-5, you need some basics to thrive while working. That is probably why it is easy to spot big water jugs in almost every office space worldwide. It’s easy to spot these jugs of spring water attached to water dispensers; after all, who doesn’t want to hydrate with untainted water and water that doesn’t smell or taste funny while trying to beat a deadline and clinch an early clock-out? Understanding your office’s water needs is not just a matter of practicality but also a way to empower yourself or your company’s office supplies department. By estimating your office’s spring water consumption, you can take control of a crucial aspect of your workplace environment. 

Water Consumption and Use

Information on your office’s level of daily consumption can estimate just how many gallons of water you will need to order from a professional water delivery service. Additionally, consider what you use the water for to determine how frequently you need to have water deliveries. From various sources, it has been estimated that the daily water consumption per person in an office is around 5 gallons of water. Which is a lot, especially when placed against a 5-gallon spring water jug. These spring water jugs are popularly used for water dispensers in homes and offices, meaning that in a single day, a person consumes approximately one 5-gallon spring water jug.

The Average Amount of Water You Need to Order for a Business

In an office setting, water consumption can be quite high due to activities such as making coffee, entertaining visitors, and feeding pets. Assuming you spend approximately 24 days in the office each month, you will end up using around 120 gallons of water, which is equivalent to 24 five-gallon spring water jugs. It’s important to assess these activities and find ways to reduce water usage. Weather conditions, office temperature, and work-related stress can also affect water consumption, so it’s crucial to take these factors into consideration and find ways to maintain cost-effective water consumption.

How To Store Spring Water?

Even spring water goes bad, and we all would like to store it for a long time. The natural next question is how this can be done. In the end, the reason why spring water goes bad is due to the minerals present, one of the qualities that makes it desirable. Spring Water naturally has more minerals than distilled water, and due to this, it goes bad much quicker, especially when exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light. So, to increase its life, you need to store it in a place that isn’t exposed to fluorescent light or direct sunlight. You must also store them in a dry place without stacking them on one another or placed on a concrete floor. It’s prudent to also rotate your bottles using the oldest one to reduce the amount of spring water bottles thrown into nature. 

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