How Does Water Delivery Work?

How Does Water Delivery Work?

Get connected with Royalty Beverage, the water delivery experts in Southeastern MA. Royalty Beverage is your dedicated supplier of bottled water, seltzer water, tonic water, and more. Our competitive pricing and fast delivery set us apart from the competition. Continue reading to learn about water delivery and the process behind inquiring.

Choose Your Type of Water

The first process in water delivery is choosing the type of water you would like delivered to your home or office. We have partnered with Polar Beverages to provide quality products and delivery your favorite products straight to your door. Here are a few options to help you decide.

Spring Water

Polar bottled spring water comes from an underground aquifer. We source our spring water from three high-quality springs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This water holds minerals that make it taste crisp and refreshing. 

Seltzer Water

A natural fruit essence and locally sourced water combine to create Polar Seltzer. This seltzer water is naturally calorie-free and offers six flavors; original, raspberry lime, black cherry, lemon, mandarin, and lime.

Tonic Water

Polar tonic water uses natural quinine extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree. Tonic water is a classic staple of any bar; the bitterness of this tonic water enhances the taste of quality vodka and botanical gins.

Club Soda

Polar club soda is sparkling water made with triple-filtered water with added mineral salts (Potassium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate) and created to add carbonation to drinks. It offers carbonated water, a premium cocktail mixer, and brightens the flavors of spirits and juices.

Decide How Much Water is Needed

The next step in water delivery is to decide how much water you need per delivery. You will need significantly more than home delivery when working in an office. Luckily we offer different sizes and quantities for every delivery. 

Spring Water

Spring water is available for delivery in 24 bottle cases and is also available in 5-gallon jugs for hot and cold water coolers.

Seltzer Water

Our seltzer water is available in six different flavors and comes in 12 counts of 12oz—cans per case or 12 counts of 1-liter bottles per case. 

Tonic & Club Soda

Polar Tonic and Club Soda are available in 12 counts of 1-liter bottles.

Set a Recurring Delivery Date

Once you have decided how much water you need, you can set a regular water delivery schedule. Setting a standing schedule avoids forgetting an order and miscommunicating dates. 

As every customer is different, you may find that a two-week or monthly schedule fits your needs best.

Other Services Offered

Besides water delivery, we also offer hot and cold water coolers for monthly rentals. Forget bottled water waste when you have 5-gallon water jugs delivered to your door. Hot and cold water coolers are available for homes and offices. 

Contact Us For Water Delivery in Massachusetts

If you are looking for water delivery services in Southeastern MA, look for the experts at Royalty Beverage. Our founders have under 60 years of experience and dedicate their time to providing exceptional customer service and deliveries with zero fees. To inquire about home and office water delivery, contact us today!