3 Benefits of Switching to Water Coolers

3 Benefits of Switching to Water Coolers

Switching from plastic water bottles to a water cooler can significantly reduce waste and benefit the members of your home or office.  Adding a water cooler to your life is a great way to stay healthy a hydrated throughout your day. Besides the apparent health benefits of staying hydrated with a water cooler, here are three benefits to switching from bottled water to a water cooler!

What is a Water Cooler?

In simple terms, a water cooler is a machine that dispenses hot or cold drinking water. This traditional water dispenser can hold a five-gallon bottle of water upside down on the top of the machine, allowing gravity and vacuum pressure to release the water as the water spigot is pulled. Bottled water coolers allow all users access to fresh and filtered water. See how else water coolers can benefit your life by reading below!

Cost Effective

While single-use water bottles may seem convenient at the moment, you still have to store cases of these bottles and grab a new bottle each time you complete your beverage which adds to the big problem of plastic pollution. To become a part of the change and invest in a bottled water cooler. With a bottled water cooler, you can keep your family and staff safe while your water delivery team effortlessly delivers you 5-Gallon water jugs as needed.


There are serval conveniences that coincide with owning a water cooler. Besides having water more accessible to yourself and others, water coolers often help promote hydration throughout your day, whether at home or in the office. In addition to helping you stay hydrated, a water cooler in your home can benefit children who cannot reach the faucet or fridge to pour themselves a glass of ice-cold water. The last convenient feature of water coolers is the ability to control the temperature of your water. Suppose you need hot water for a cup of tea or prefer your water at room temperature. Our models allow you to control the temperature of your water each time!

Environmentally Friendly 

For most water cooler users, this is the first benefit. Using a water cooler reduces plastic waste from disposable water bottles as they are no longer required. Whether you have a designated cup or choose to use a reusable water bottle, it will save hundreds of plastic water bottle waste every year. Renting hot & cold water coolers from Royalty Beverage allows you to be a part of the change and prevent adding to plastic waste every year! There is no better feeling than enjoying the crisp fresh taste of spring water and helping the environment simultaneously.

Choose Royalty Beverage as Your Water Cooler Provider

Royalty Beverage provides water delivery services to South Eastern Massachusetts. See if we provide our services to your area, or contact us directly today! Our water delivery services include the delivery of 5-gallon spring water jugs to refill your water coolers! Don’t fret if you don’t own a water cooler yet; our services also offer hot and cold water cooler monthly rentals. Upgrade your home and office hydration station with our products and enjoy delivery straight to your door. For more information, please call us at (774)539-2202.